Make life easier with AI

AI (Artificial intelligence) has been both a huge disrupter and enabler for businesses of all shapes and sizes. (AI) is no longer just a pipe dream of science-fiction. It has become a vital aspect of today’s world and has meant businesses or employees can and are becoming more productive by leveraging the many AI tools for business activities. 

In the past, the application of AI was limited to big corporations and technology-based businesses. Only they could afford the high costs of developing and implementing such systems. However, AI technology is now easily available and accessible to small businesses as well. The benefits it can bring to small businesses cannot be ignored.

Here are a couple of AI Productivity tools to get you started.


If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT, then you’re in for a treat, and it’s free and easy to use.

Developed by Open AI, ChatGPT is a human-like AI chatbot or smart bot that allows you to ask any type of question (a ‘prompt’) that will then generate a human-like response.

For example, you could add the following prompts and ChatGPT will generate a human-like response:

  • Create an email template that asks customers to leave a Google review for an electrical business.
  • Create a business plan for a wine-tasting business in Sydney, Australia. Our budget is $100,000.
  • Suggest 10 blog topic ideas for my wine-tasting business.
  • Create a social media post promoting the opening of my wine-tasting business.

Following your prompts, you can continue engaging in that chat by asking for more specific information surrounding a topic, concept or idea.

For small businesses, this AI tool can be used in many different ways like generating ideas for content, marketing and strategy, finding specific information and more.

The key is to learn how to use ChatGPT for fundamental activities that can manually take you a long time, then you can build on the response that has been generated.

Think of it as your assistant.


Want someone to check your emails, essays, and documents to make sure they are grammatically correct?

If you want your communications to be clear, professional, and error-free, Grammarly is the tool for you.

Grammarly AI is incredibly easy to use.  Simply install the tool on your device, as a browser extension or use it online, and it will automatically begin checking your writing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

It can also flag issues with tone, style, and clarity, giving you detailed feedback on how to improve your content.

Overall, Grammarly AI is an essential tool for any small business owner who wants to improve the quality of their written communications. It’s truly the perfect solution for ensuring that your content is clear, professional, and error-free, and again, this comes with a free plan option.

Wrapping up

AI is no longer a technology reserved solely for larger corporations and tech-based startups. Small business owners can now easily integrate AI-enabled systems into their business processes and see substantial benefits.

Let us know how you find ways to use AI to make your life easier.  We hope this helps!


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